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      Welcome to the official website of Nanchang Kinglin Seats Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


      KL  Seating
      Company Profile

      Company Profile

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      KL Seating is a professional seat manufacturer with years of experience. Our main   products are agricultural seats,construction seats,garden seats and other auto parts.
      Founded in 2001 with an area of 26000 square meters. We have two manufacturing bases: Nanchang,Jiangxi and Yangzhou,Jiangsu. With many employees,KL Seating has the capacity of producing 400,000pcs seats per year.
      We have perfect Management System and excellent R&D team. All of our products has passed ISO9001:2015,CE and PAHS certificate. Our products are mainly for Domestic OEM and overseas aftermarket, like Europe,America,Australia,South Asia,etc.With the Enterprise Principle of customer first, team work, Embrace chance, passion, honesty and dedication, KL seating will do the utmost to provide the comfortable and safety seats, striving to be the global seat designer and manufacturer.

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