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      Swivel Rotary Console O 39 Cm for Tractor Seat Stapler Motor Boat Steel Rotary Socket Seat Console Rotary Adapter
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      Comfortable entry and exit with the rotating console for tractor seats Whether under the driver's seat of tractor, forklift, motorhome or boat: The practical rotating console, the expert for high-quality industrial needs, allows you to get in and out easily anywhere. And that because of the universal fit also on the passenger side! Do you sit on a tractor, bus or truck driver's seat for hours every day? Or do you have to go in and out countless times per shift as a supplier? Then you can make your daily work easier thanks to the solid machined turnstile. The turntable fits the seats of a variety of different vehicles with the corresponding mounting plate. The rotating tractor seat with a diameter of 39 cm is easily mounted between the seat frame and the actual seat. If necessary, the operating instructions provided provide further information on the safe attachment of the rotary console or of the seat on. The rotary adapter is only 45mm high and consists of black painted steel. To rotate your seat around up to 360o even in the narrowest space, you only have to use a spring mechanism to operate the gripping lever. The materials used are not only particularly durable and durable, but also easy to maintain. This will give you many years of enjoyment at the comfortable entrance and exit. Not least your back will thank you!

      universal - suitable for many driver and passenger seats of tractors, forklift trucks, buses, trucks or boats
      comfortable - facilitates entry and exit considerably
      durable - very resistant thanks to robust steel construction
      intuitive - easy to use by lever mechanism Easy to install and intuitive
      Product dimensions - 39 x 35 x 6 cm; 6 kilograms

      Material steel (lacquered)
      Material strength 3mm
      Color Black
      Diameter 39mm
      Height 45 mm (with lever 90 mm)

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